Published On: 26 May 2020

7 thoughts on “CHAPTER 1 [EN] FULL

  1. So far I am LOVING this. Great job!

  2. That outfit…oh crap…

    Awesome work up to now dude, loving it!

  3. Freacking awesome until now, keep the great work!!!

  4. 2 chapters and you got me hooked. Looking forward to seeing this fan manga continue. Great work!!

  5. Sweet! Finally something fresh and focused more on an adventure than recolored power levels… cough, cough, Super, cough, cough.
    Guillaume, would you be interested in publishing “Dragon Ball Raido” in polish language? I can translate it (with names from official polish manga version released by J.P. Fantastica in Poland).

    1. I can’t edit my previous post, so I’m going to reply myself. I’ve translated two pages:
      The font is obviously different, because I don’t know the name of yours, haha.

  6. sucks that gohan and piccolo are the only ones to go.It would have been better if yamcha,tien,krillin and chiatzou also went with them.

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